About Us

Goodwill foundation a newly born charity organization based in Switzerland, registered as Verein. Goodwill Foundation is trying to bring change in people’s life by undertaking some impact projects. The primary focus of Goodwill foundation is on *not limited to

  • Elderly citizen – Goodwill foundation advocates for elderly peoples emotional and physical needs. It works hand-in-hand with Senior Citizens Associations understanding elder needs working with and for them.
  • Expat community – It helps expat community by helping them integrate with the Swiss society. This we do by arranging cultural practice exchange events, where both the natives and foreigners exchange the variety of their culture.
  • Financially and socially challenged individual- We try reach needy people and help them in kind like cloths, food, medicines, emotional support, technology help etc.

Our Story

We, a group of few friends calling ourself “Swiss family”, since many years are supporting many initiatives in our homeland countries. But everytime we felt that we must also support needy people in country where we live. So few friends too step and started working with Vereins / NGO’s in Switzerland. But at the same time many other friends were interested to support / giveback the society, but due to cultural difference, language restriction or inaccessibility of correct platform for donation they were not able to contribute/help the society.

So we “Swiss Family” thought of starting a Verein to bridge this gap and provide a platform to all people who wants to contribute to the society