Sudesh Mehta

Jidnya Mehta

Shailesh Agarwal

Mahesh Nagori

Dnyanesh Vyavahare (DV)

Amit Khanna

Nothing breaks my heart more than to see a fellow human with broken spirit ... someone who has little hope and not much to look forward to. There is only so much I, as an individual, can do to change someone's sadness into smile. But with hands joining and efforts coming together at Goodwill Foundation, I hope to reach a lot of people who can use our help to ease their struggle with life.

Tamanna Rajput

Good habits and social sensitivity adopted in early age, keep human alive forever. That’s the Myntra I have as a next gen. Happy to be a part of team who inspires me all the time.

Shubda Santoshwar

Think big & Believe in your good acts, that how I was raised. I am a self-motivated and pragmatic thinker. I bring my positive energy, hard work and never ending smile to team. I wish bring positive change the life of people, whenever whatever way possible.

Kanchan Dhamde

Nabanita Bhagat

Life is race for many people which everyone of them like to win by getting more wealthier, by getting more powerful. People are getting rich and empowered but what they forget is Humanity. Goodwill will be an opportunity for me to connected with roots of mankind.

Vishakha Rajput

“Dreamer & Doer”. Why someone is not doing anything to make the world happy? One day I realized I could be among that someone. I understand how little we can do alone and how big we can do together. That’s makes me a part of team !!

Darvesh Kumar

Technical Head
Darvesh is 38 years old and currently living in Dübendorf, Zurich. He is computer professional and working with leading US based software company. His motto for Goodwill Foundation is "A bit of organisation and a few good ideas to really get you on achieve your dreams"

Suraj Rajput

Motivation and Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a society work, a civilization work

Sachin Dhamde


Rupal Malhotra

Committee Member
We take things that we have in life, for granted - our health, luxuries we are born with, or acquire etc. Only when I look at someone who isn't as lucky, do I count my blessings ... and what better way to thank God for what I have, than to help someone and bring a smile on another human's face. With that objective, I jumped on the opportunity and joined this foundation, conceived and started by my friends.