Bringing smile to kids face

We have tie up with Ludothek to help them create a Good advanced toy library for kids. Goodwill Foundation gathers toys from Donations  and also purchases and donates to Ludothek  to build a happy toy library for kids.
As an ongoing activity, Goodwill’s members donate their work hours to help run the Ludothek Dübendorf since 2017.
Ludothek Dübendorf is established Verein and offers a huge collection of 2000 toys at very minimal rates to locals .
Associsted since 2018
Location – Bettlistrasse 22, 8600 Dübendorf

Lighting your Xmas  : Donating Gifts to needy 

Good will foundation will be donating various gift items to families who can’t afford to buy their own
When – Every year in Dec
Location – Zurich*

*Please check page to help us in this cause

A night of helping hands

We understand that they are homeless due to circumstances and not by choice.
On one of the Xmas nights or early January when weather is not good then Goodwill Volunteers will donate supplies like warm cloths, blankets, food in Zurich central area with
When– Winter Season
Location – Central of Zurich

Support Elderly

 To let them know they are not left alone and society cares for them. We will be spending time with old age people reading books, listening music and chatting.  We also plan to donate daily need supplies like walking sticks, books, eatables, toiletries  etc.
Location – Zurich

Corona Epidemic

Helping hand for the needy. Please follow the Link for more details.

Location – Zurich